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Producer: Tesfaye Bekele, Suke Quto farm

Origin: Ethiopia, Guji region

Variety: Kurume/Welicho

Process: natural, washed

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Suke Quto is a farm and a washing station, founded and managed by Tesfaye Bekele - who is an important figure in the coffee community of the Guji region. The farm is located in the mountains of the Odo Shakisso Woreda, in the south of Ethiopia. This area is considered to be the spearhead in terms of coffee quality in the region. The volcanic soil at the farm is highly productive. Tesfaye takes care of it by organic recycling and the coffee is of course certified organic. From 1997 to 1999 bushfires have destroyed many of the surrounding nature. Tesfaye has recovered the land by planting new coffee seedlings and protective trees above them. Luckily, many other growers followed his example.
Apart from the coffee which grows at the farm, Bekele cooperates with over 171 outgrowers who bring their coffee cherries to his washing station.

The coffee we have is made up of two local Ethiopian varieties - Kurume and Welicho - as natural and washed processes. The natural version, which is high in sugar content, is very fruity, while the washed coffee has a more elegant and floral profile.