Producer: Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle, Finca El Salvador

Origin: El Salvador,

Variety: Bourbon

Process: natural

* * *

Rodolfo's farm, on the border with Guatemala, is located in the Ahuachapan region in western El Salvador.
Arabica trees have been planted all over the country since the beginning of the 19th century, and for many years coffee constituted 90% of the national export. Even though the qunatity of coffee production dropped during the 1980s, El Salvador is still considered a tiny but excellent coffee origin.
Rodolfos's farm was founded in 1920. It spreads over 700 sq. km and includes 200 sq. km of wild forest. The coffee trees are grown in volcanic soil under natural shading. The dominant variety is Bourbon, though the farm nowadays is shifitng towards more exotic varieties. Cherries are processed at the farms own Juayua washing station. Most of them go through natural and honey process.