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Producer: Alvarez family, Finca Malacara

Origin: El Salvador, Santa Ana region, 1550 masl

Variety: Orange Bourbon

Process: dry fermented and washed

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Finca Malacara is one of the most well respected farms in El Salvador. In 1888 the land was bought by the great grandfather of siblings Epe and Maria, who are now owners of the farm. After winning the "Cup of Excellence" award in 2003, the farm began exporting their beans abroad - mainly to the Us, UK and Japan. As a result of their sucess, Epe and Maria decided to dedicate their farm to thte cultivation of specialty coffee in 2005.

Finca Malacara is located on a rich volcanic soil, surrounded by many other small farms on the Santa Ana volcano. There is a diversity of varieties, spreading across different lots on the farm: Red and Orange Bourbon, Pacamara, SL28 and Geisha. After harvest, cherries are transferred to the nearby washing station, to proceed their processing.

We offer their washed Orange Bourbon variety. Cherries ae depulped in the washing station and go through a 12-16 hour fermentation in open air pools. Afterwards they are thoroughly washed and dried.